Finally the website is back!

Finally after few weeks of hard and intensive work, my site is up and running. Thanks to my web designer Adam, who did great job again.
My new website is completely different to what I’ve had before. The main change is that it is now mobile friendly, so you can easily check me on your phone or tablet. You can share and like me via Facebook and any other social media. Soon I should start twitting to. Remember you can now connect with me to get updates and to see my latest blog and galleries.
Also I have testimonials page, so if happens that I do my job for you, you can always write some words back to me.
I am in the process of preparing my “other projects” galleries where you will find my non work related photography and movies. Yes, movies to. I made some investments and soon I should be able to start my new and exciting part of work. But this will be announced later.
So, stay tuned and I hope to hear from you soon.
Ps. I will appreciate your comments about my site, feel free to say what you think about my galleries offers or anything else. I am still making some small changes and corrections, so any tips will be highly appreciated.


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