Back to business

It is now more than two weeks since my first ever blog was published here. It was very busy time for me here at Rutgaret Photography. Almost two weeks ago I did cover another wedding event. Wonderful three days in North London spent with Halima and her family and on Sunday with Iftekhar’s family. Three days, hundreds of photos, great food and lovely people.

My new workhorse Nikon D800 did not disappoint me during such a busy time; well I knew already that it is very reliable piece of kit; it is currently one of the best cameras on the market, but it’s always good to proof that to yourself.

Going forward my website has been improved and now I have “FAQ” page added, so you can find some helpful info, however if it happen that something is missing there, please get in touch with me.

Soon my previous customers will receive emails with feedback request. I am hoping that this short questionnaire will help me to improve my service. I would like to publish some of your words as a part of my new “Testimonials” page, so if you don’t mind to use your feedback on my page, please tick the relevant box on the bottom of the feedback form. Remember, your honesty is very important to me, without you and your opinion I will not be able to improve.

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